Vietnamese Folk Music Performance

by Samuel on April 27, 2013

While taking a boat tour along the Mekong Delta, in the southern region of Vietnam, we were treated to some wonderful traditional Vietnamese singing and Vietnamese folk music during a live performance after sampling various kinds of tropical fruits and drinking hot Vietnamese herbal tea. Having the opportunity to listen to Vietnamese folk music was an experience we both will never forget. The fascinating traditional instruments native to Vietnam reminded us both of the kinds of traditional instruments we saw / heard in South Korea. Listening to the performance under shady refuge was the perfect remedy for the heat and humidity that had plagued our boat tour while out in the open sun for hours. For those taking a tour along the Mekong Delta, a stop to see one of these performances is a likely occurrence. Although the live music is free (along with the fruit and tea) it’s kind of unofficially expected that you’ll leave a small tip for the Vietnamese singers and Vietnamese musicians.

Vietnamese Folk Music Performance

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