Train Ride From Kuala Lumpur To Butterworth, Malaysia

by Samuel on March 15, 2013

In this travel video we take a train ride from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth and then a commuter ferry from Butterworth to Penang (George Town), Malaysia on a long full-day journey. Given that it was our first train trip in Malaysia we were ecstatic to have a 7 hour journey. Boarding from KL Sentral we headed up north passing several cities, countryside areas, jungle and mountainous regions. Overall, the scenery was stunning and we nearly had the train to ourselves sharing a cabin with only a few families and some curious cute children who came over to play with us. Along the way we snacked on some food and ended up purchasing a box of mixed rice that we shared together. Our train was delayed by nearly one hour meaning it came closer to eight hours than the scheduled seven. Upon arriving in Butterworth we walked a short distance and then boarded a passenger ferry to Penang (George Town). Overall, we had a great trip but we certainly were tired and in need of food upon arrival.

Train Ride From Kuala Lumpur To Butterworth, Malaysia

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