Rural Cambodia Tour in Battambang

by Samuel on April 17, 2013

One of the absolute highlights of visiting Battambang (and easily one of the top things we’ve done in Cambodia) was taking a rural countryside tour of Battambang where we had the opportunity to eat fried crickets, devour sticky bamboo coconut bean rice and visit local fish markets. One of the factors that made this trip so wonderful was our tour guide – an outgoing, knowledgeable and friendly man. On his tuk-tuk we passed rurals villages, local markets, fascinating covered bridges and rice fields. Samuel tried eating crickets for the first time in his life. The overall verdict was that they were surprisingly tasty – especially salty and sweet. Both Audrey and Samuel ate bamboo coconut bean sticky rice which was made from a bamboo wrap cooked over an open fire. The sweet rice was a delicious snack that we thoroughly enjoyed. We highly recommend taking the time to get outside of the city limits of Battambang to explore the rural areas. You’ll be rewarded by warm and friendly locals, exotic treats and an experience you won’t forget anytime soon.

Rural Cambodia Tour in Battambang

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