Paddling down the Mekong Delta River

by Samuel on April 28, 2013

On our first day of our Mekong Delta river cruise tour we hopped on a rowboat for a ride down some lush green vegetation sections while wearing our Vietnamese conical hats in the southern region of Vietnam. The conical hats, purchased for $1 each, were invaluable as the heat and humidity was literally cooking us in the sun prior to purchasing these local style hats. We were fortunate enough not to have to do any of the paddling, as this was taken care of by some local temporary Vietnamese guides. Along the way we passed by some other Vietnamese guides who at first appeared to be very friendly, but quickly went from ‘hello’ to repeatedly saying ‘tip’ while motioning with their arms to our driver. This is the type of gesture that can ‘taint’ a travel experience; however, we didn’t let it get to us. Overall, we had a lot of fun and we couldn’t help but poke fun of each other along the way.

Paddling down the Mekong Delta River

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