Our favorite travel photos from Malaysia

by Samuel on April 3, 2013

In our latest travel video we showcase a series of our favorite travel photos from Malaysia as a slideshow sequence highlighting our time traveling in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Melaka, Penang and George Town. The near month we spent in Malaysia was a great way for us to start our backpacking adventures around SE Asia. Some of the highlights in Kuala Lumpur included seeing the Petronas towers (both during the day and at night),visiting the Merderka Square (Independence Square) along with having an adventure filled morning exploring KL Bird Park. In Malacca (Melaka), we loved wandering around Chinatown, taking a rickshaw tour, eating dim sum, taking a riverboat tour and visiting the infamous Jonker Street Night Market. In Penang (George Town), we took the time to wander around the Clan Jetties, visit the Botanical Gardens, get lost in meandering through alleyways featuring crumbling colonial mansions and stuffing our faces with Tandoori Indian set meals. You’ll notice photos featuring Malaysian food, Malaysian culture, Malaysian people along with personal photos of us. I hope this slideshow series along with our extensive video collection from Malaysia will inspire you to visit in the near future.

Our favorite travel photos from Malaysia

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