Moving out from our apartment in Korea to travel

by Samuel on March 2, 2013

This travel video is of us packing up all of our belongings (putting them into a backpack) and moving out from our apartment in Dongbaek, Yongin, South Korea to travel the world! We show you how we fit all of our travel gear into our backpacking backpacks. As backpackers, we needed to eliminate a lot of stuff (mostly winter clothes) to pack as little as possible. This meant we had a huge to do list that included visiting a Korean post office to ship our things back to Canada. We’re currently off to travel in Malaysia on an indefinite trip. We both couldn’t hide or enthusiasm by doing silly dances while wearing our backpacks. We’ll miss our time in Korea and have fond memories but now we’re doing exactly what we want by traveling the world!

Moving out from our apartment in Korea to travel

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