Little India in George Town, Penang, Malaysia

by Samuel on March 20, 2013

This is a travel video of us exploring the neighborhood of Little India, an ethnic Indian enclave, located in the heart of UNESCO heritage city George Town, Penang, Malaysia. As we wandered down Little India we were assaulted by a series of colorful saris, thumping Hindu music and hustle and bustle of vendors, street merchants and pedestrians all sharing this space. We noticed men sitting down on curbs enjoying candid conversations while a decorated rickshaw tries to negotiate through a crowd. Naan bread, roti and other Indian breads are being formed in a large cooking pan. As we wander further we notice colorful displays of saris, flowers and trinkets being sold in nearby shops. Overall, as we wandered down Little India, we felt as though we were back in India once again even though we were traveling in Penang, Malaysia.

Little India in George Town, Penang, Malaysia

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