Korean style Asian Fusion Lunch Set

by Samuel on February 24, 2013

In this travel video we’re in the mood for a quick lunch so we head out to try a new Korean style Asian Fusion lunch set nearby Audrey’s apartment in Yongin, Korea that specializes in California rolls and Vietnamese Pho. We liked the trendy and modern type atmosphere and do it yourself self service where we grabbed our own Korean tea. The food itself was delicious and light – the perfect lunch. We had fun slurping the pho while adding extra hot sauce. The assorted California rolls hit the spot and were our favorite of the two dishes. Overall, we enjoyed the Korean meal and would love to come back again soon if we have time before we leave Korea. For those interested in trying Korean fusion food, it’s not difficult to find these kinds of restaurants that often have a Korean twist on either Western or other types of Asian cuisine.

Korean style Asian Fusion Lunch Set

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