Eating Korean Sushi

by Samuel on February 23, 2013

In our latest travel video we attempt to curb our growing appetites by visiting a conveyor belt sushi restaurant (in Korean: 초밥) for lunch in the downtown area of Jongro, Seoul, South Korea. We love how the sushi comes around on the conveyor belt with various kinds of sushi to choose from – admittedly we eat only salmon forms which we both love. Our meal comes with complimentary side dishes of miso soup and hot green tea where boiling water is added to a cup and green tea powder is available to stir. The different color plates mean different prices. At the end of our meal we stack up our plates and report them to a waiter who tallies up our final bill. It’s wasn’t the cheapest or most filling meal but it tantalized our taste buds and was absolutely delicious.

Eating Korean Sushi

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