Eating Korean Pork Bone Soup

by Samuel on February 11, 2013

On frigid Korean winter day we ventured off to eat at a local Korean restaurant specializing in Korean Hearty Pork Bone Soup / Stew (Gamjatang – 감자탕 – 甘藷湯) located in Audrey’s neighborhood of Yongin, Korea. This travel video showcases our experience sitting down to eat our meal. Gamjatang is a Korean soup / stew with pork spine, potatoes, vegetables, sesame seeds, sesame paste and chili peppers. It’s a do it yourself type of Korean meal where all of the ingredients are served in the pot. The best part of the meal, was hearty broth that was spicy and very flavorful. Along with cutting, stirring and removing meat from the bone one also serves their own portion on a small Korean bowl. We enjoyed the meal but found that it wasn’t the best value because of the cost. Coming in at W25,000 (roughly $25 USD) we could have found better value with other dishes at a different Korean restaurant.

Eating Korean Pork Bone Soup

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