Eating Korean Ox Bone and Brisket Soup

by Samuel on February 15, 2013

With just a few days left in Korea and feeling like being adventurous with our taste buds we decided to try Korean Ox Bone Soup at a popular 24 hours eatery.

Eating Korean Ox Bone and Brisket Soup

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Eunyoung Kil December 30, 2014 at 12:04 pm

Hi, I loved the video so much!
As I’m a Korean, I love love love Seollongtang so much. It’s one of the most my favorite hometown foods.
When I saw you guys eating the soup in this video, I also couldn’t taste the richness of the soup(I was sipping the soup with you in my imagination. I was deeply immersed in it). Yeaaa. It wasn’t the way how we eat. So watery:p
There are some more tips for making Seollongtang better to your happy tongue and stomach.
First, you add the things that you had.(a few spoons of salt, sliced green onions, pepper and whatever)
Of course, It depends on your taste though, most popular tip is adding several spoons of juice of radish kimch to Seollongtang to make it rich.
One more thing. There are pros and cons of this one… salted and fermented squid(오징어 젓갈) to the soup.

Try once with these tips if you feel like to eat Seollongtang again in the future.
But the best tip is finding right restaurant.
Then you might not even need that much seasoning, but the soup itself.



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