Bus Ride in Cambodia from Siem Reap to Battambang

by Samuel on April 13, 2013

With our time in Siem Reap coming to an end we hopped on a Cambodian bus heading to Battambang – enjoying the scenery, plethora of diverse vehicles on the road (including tractors, motorcycles, trucks with pigs, etc) and people on our bus ride. Overall the journey was three and a half hours including a lunch stop. One of the most fascinating aspects of taking a bus in Cambodia is watching outside of the window at what is unfolding before your very eyes. All kinds of different vehicles and makeshift crafts are chugging along the road. Sometimes you’ll see a group of Buddhist monks riding on the back of a trailer and others times you’ll notice pigs on the back of a motorbike and/or chickens dangling off from the side. It’s the kind of eventful journey that we both enjoy. Our bus ticket only cost $5 and we requested several days in advance to sit near the front of the bus. Not only were we near the front, but we also had strong air conditioning, which made the journey far more pleasant, as only weeks prior we had suffered sitting in the back of the bus literally feeling as though we were being cooked in a frying pan. For those traveling in Cambodia, we highly recommend booking your bus tickets in advance so that you can specify and claim a seat near the front of the bus. The footage used in this video was mostly shot at 120 frames per second (slow motion) so that you are able to witness events that would otherwise be a blur with your naked eye.

Bus Ride in Cambodia from Siem Reap to Battambang

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