Bicycle Ride touring around Battambang, Cambodia

by Samuel on April 15, 2013

On the second day of the Khmer New Year (Cambodian New Year) we decided to go on a bicycle ride touring around Battambang, Cambodia exploring along the Sangker River, Wat Sangker, Sangker Park, Old Railway Train Station, the Governor’s Office and other random areas of town.  During the heat and humidity of a typical day it’s a great idea to wake up early and go exploring on bike before it gets too hot.  The city is very pedestrian and bicycle friendly (aside from the main roads) along most areas.  Along the way you’ll notice many Wats (Buddhist temples), Khmer locals, monks and even animals.  We recommend hopping on a bicycle as one of the many things to see and do while visiting Battambang.  Although Battambang itself doesn’t have a lot of main attractions, the laid back nature of the city is one of the featured highlights.

Bicycle Ride touring around Battambang, Cambodia

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