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by Samuel on September 24, 2012

It certainly was exciting to have recently created this backpacking travel blog!

NOW we’re equally ‘as excited’ to announce our new YouTube travel channel:  Backpacking Travel TV

An idea that was spawned a long time ago, we’ve been talking for ages about creating our own Backpacking Travel TV channel.

As amateur travel vloggers, we’ve spent the majority of our weekends in Korea trying to hone our (admittedly questionable) video skills over the past few months on my own YouTube channel.

Although we’re still very much the same goofballs as when we first began, I think it’s fair to say our skills at making videos has improved ever so slightly.

My own personal YouTube channel is watered down with plenty of slideshow and ‘other’ videos where we’re not showing our faces.  The purpose of this channel is to make every single one of our videos about us as much as it is about the destination or experience we’re having.

Our channel will be a personality based driven backpacking travel channel.  We hope to share with you our experiences gormandizing on exotic cuisine; travelling via various modes of transportation; visiting popular tourist attractions; and wandering through local markets, back-alleys and other off-the-beaten track spots.

We hope to keep it real and light-hearted with plenty of goofy and spontaneous behaviour.  Ideally, we’d like to show you the highs and lows of being on the road continuously.

If you’re interested in following along here is how you can do it:


1)  Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: (click here to find the subscribe button).  This is how you can trace every one of our bumbled steps on the road 😛

2)  Don’t go anywhere!

We plan to share up to 60% of our videos right here on Backpacking Travel Blog.  A bonus to watching from our blog is that we’ll provide more background information on the select video than if you were to watch from our YouTube channel.

3)  Check out Nomadic Samuel Travel Blog

Nomadic Samuel Travel Blog is going to be screening roughly 20% of our videos in a fashion similar to what we’ll do here.

4)  Mosey on over to Audrey’s That Backpacker Travel Blog

Audrey will be posting videos at roughly the same rate as on Nomadic Samuel.

Videos we’ve made so far on our new channel!

In this travel video we check out Sindorim and Guro – Sam’s old stomping grounds.

Ewha Womans University is one of the most popular in all of Korea.

This is a train video and you’ll be seeing many more of these!  We both prefer trains to any other mode of transportation.

Have you ever seen a Bamboo forest?

Checking out the Boseong green tea fields in South Korea.

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