photo essay

A close-up shot a Korean man

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up by the swarm of people flooding the street of Insadong – Seoul, South Korea.  After-all, it’s the distinct faces along Insadong that make it the most lively pedestrian area in all Seoul; however, it’s the artisans, street vendors, performers, crafts, antiques and details that given this ‘famous strip’ […]


Boryeong Mud Festival | Photo Essay

by Samuel on July 21, 2012

YEAH!  Are we having a good time or what?  A group poses during the festivities.

As I (Nomadic Samuel) boarded a train with Audrey (That Backpacker) I knew we were heading on a journey unlike any other we had previously experienced together in Korea.  Decked out in our ‘worst’ we were heading to an event where if we came back home looking anything less than covered in mud it would […]


Burning incense sticks with colourful paper lanterns blurred out in the background.

When I first feasted my eyes upon Kek Lok Si Temple ( 极乐寺: the temple of supreme bliss) I knew this was something unlike anything I had ever seen before in my life. As the largest Buddhist temple in all of South East Asia, the massive complex looms large even from distant vantage points. Traditional […]