Your Chance to Win a Trip to Cuba

by Audrey on March 21, 2014

While most of North America is still covered under a thick blanket of snow, we have a fun little challenge that could hopefully get you out of the winter funk!

The Cuba Travel Network is currently running a cheeky little contest, and the prize could have you and a friend sunning on a little beach in the Caribbean. I’m talking about a trip to Cuba!

For a chance to enter this contest, they want you to play a prank on a friend and take a screencapture of the conversations that ensues.

How does it work?

  • Send a prank text to someone you know to say you’re bailing out on them. Your excuse? You’re off on a last-minute trip to Cuba!
  • Take a screenshot of your prank conversation with a funny reply and submit it to Cuba Travel Network.
  • Share your prank to collect as many votes as you can. The prank with the most votes wins a definitely different experience.

Here are a few examples to get you inspired:

Phone prank

There is a deadline on this project, so you only have until April 13th to prank a friend and share the conversation between you two. Just remember to keep it light and funny.

And if you still need a little bit more inspiration, here are some clips from Cuba:

Have you been to Cuba?
What part of the island would you like to explore?

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