Living as Expats in Canada | Interview

by Samuel on December 2, 2012

Zip-lining in Canada

What made you choose Canada as a country to relocate as expats? We wanted to live somewhere that would provide us with better opportunities, better quality of life and more outdoor activities available than we had in England. What have you enjoyed most about Canadian culture? We don’t find the culture too different, just much […]


Get To Know Samuel & Audrey | Interview

by Audrey on July 1, 2012

Samuel and Audrey being their usual goofy selves.

Moment when you thought, “Daaang, I like this one!” Get To Know Samuel & Audrey in this silly interview. Samuel:  When I first met Audrey I had this clever idea of trying to impress her with a late afternoon lunch at my favourite Indian buffet in Itaewon.  I hadn’t been to this area in years […]