Stay Connected on the Go: Must-Have Technologies for Road Trips

July 12, 2016

Road trips are one of the best ways to “get away from it all” and relax. And, today, there are so many apps out there that make it even more fun, and easy. Here are a few high tech gadgets you need for your next trip. Flickr Creative Commons Martin Pettitt LED Flares The old school […]

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Europe by Backpack: Wallet-Friendly Destinations for Worldly College Students

June 23, 2016
Backpacking Europe

Have you been dreaming about backpacking around Europe during the summer? Wanting to broaden your horizons and expand your repertoire of languages and cuisines? Then look no further as this guide will tell you all you need to know to plan your trip of a lifetime! The Places You Want to Visit In Europe there […]

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Staycations are Gone: Reasons the Road Trip is Back in a Big Way

June 19, 2016

When the economy hit the skids, it fueled a real boom in staycations, but with low gas prices and an economy that now seems to be off the critical list, the enduringly popular road trip is now back in a big way. Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 – Stig Nygaard Naturally enough, you want to stay […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Manhattanhenge

June 18, 2016

New York is one of the most amazing and beautiful cities to visit no matter the time of year, filled with some of the best city views and scenery you can ask for. For a few select days every year however, it gets even more amazing and beautiful. For a couple of evenings every summer, […]

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10 Budget Tips for Dubai travel!

June 4, 2016
Market hopping

Dubai is an amazing destination with plenty of options when it comes to sightseeing, events, hotels, shopping, and dining opportunities. The ultimate luxury destination of Middle East, Dubai is redefining the art of luxury and leisure travel. The city has carved a niche in the tourism market by combining world-class service standards, contemporary travel trends […]

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Camping, Hiking, Fishing and Backpacking: Practicing Personal Hygiene in the Great Outdoors

May 22, 2016

When you’re roughing it, you don’t think of pampering yourself, yet there is no reason to completely neglect hygiene.  Paying attention to your skin, hair, and teeth will certainly be appreciated by those around you on a particular backpacking or camping expedition.  Whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing, or backpacking, the normal rules of hygiene still […]

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Female Flying Solo: The Benefits of Traveling Alone

April 18, 2016
Airplane Window

Major improvements to global travel networks and facilities over recent years have made it much easier to visit many different parts of the world more easily, but if you are a lone female traveler, you might still have some reservations about flying solo. There are plenty of reasons not be so fearful about the prospect […]

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Airport Layovers That Drag On Forever: Safe And Smart Tips For Weary Travelers

April 16, 2016
Eternal Sunset

Seasoned travelers will often confirm that taking flights with layovers can often work out cheaper than direct flights, which is great news for your wallet in the long run. One of the downsides to airport layovers is that even a few hours wait can seem a lot longer and if you have to wait overnight […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Renting Out Your Condo: What to Do and What to Avoid

April 12, 2016
Sunset over Nha Trang Bay

Choosing to rent your condo via sites like DDProperty  is one of the best financial decisions that you can make. Correctly done, being a landlord can ensure you a steady stream of income which can help immensely when it comes to building up your retirement funds or paying your bills. However, there are right ways and wrong […]

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Student Strategies: The Ins and Outs of Taking a Gap Year

April 5, 2016

You’ve just finished high school, and you’re thinking of going to university, but you don’t want to rush in. After all, you’ve just spent years studying. Maybe you need a gap year. Flickr Creative Commons Melfoody What’s A Gap Year? A gap year is the time between when you finish your high school studies and […]

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