The Best Spanish Tourist Attractions Not to Be Missed

January 10, 2018

Spain is a incredibly varies with many different things to see and do. Whilst it has its share of attractive stretches of beach, it also has the classic bull fighting, white-washed villages, big city environments in Madrid and Barcelona that are full of colour and nightlife, and historic buildings seemingly everywhere. The landscape also has […]

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5 reasons to visit Gran Canaria in winter

November 10, 2017

During long, cold winter months, many dream of escaping to a warm, sunny paradise. A visit to Gran Canaria can make those dreams a reality. Gran Canaria is the third largest and most populous of the Canary Islands. It’s small in size, but large in excitement and beauty. Sun-kissed beaches, stunning scenery and activities galore […]

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Dual-Purpose Camping Gear for Travel Adventures

November 10, 2017

People who enjoy traveling and camping adventures tend to buy gear that they can use extensively and effectively regardless of the trip they are on. If you travel often, by car or by plane, then you know the importance of packing light while not skimping on packing the gear you use most. In fact, even […]

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A Few Fun Things to See and Do on the Isle of Wight

November 9, 2017

Situated just off the coast of Hampshire and easily accessible for anyone wanting a holiday in the UK, the Isle of Wight is a great destination for a relaxed weekend away. With a wide range of things to see and do on the island, not forgetting the spectacular beaches, why not make the Isle of […]

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Doing it All in Durban: Easy to See Why Tourists Love this Area

November 2, 2017

Durban is a coastal city on the east side of South Africa. It’s a great destination for those who want to relax, rest beachside, or see a country and culture unlike their own. It’s growing in popularity since it held host to the 2010 World Cup matches. Find out why tourists love the area and […]

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5 vacation ideas that give you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors

October 20, 2017

A truly brilliant vacation should exist in complete contrast to your daily life. It should provide you with the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and create unique memories. That is why you need to put a lot of effort into planning your trips away. Whatever you do, don’t just follow the crowd. Instead, you should […]

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5 Best Asian Cruises

September 19, 2017

Usually, an exciting cruise meant booking tickets on a cruise ship only to either Greek Islands, picaresque coasts of southern Europe or even to the exotic lands of South America and North Africa. But Asian destinations had always been ignored in this respect. For a long time, Asia had been stereotyped wrongly as a haven […]

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Take Your Canadian Outdoorsy Vacation up a Notch

September 16, 2017

Canada is home to some of the most breathtaking, challenging and unique backpacking in the world. Even the most experienced hikers who’ve spent time on the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide trails will find Canada’s terrain, elements and wildlife unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Each part of the country holds its own gems, different […]

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10 of the Best Hiking Trails in Tenerife

August 1, 2017

Ahh, Tenerife holidays. This Spanish island features some of the most beautiful volcanic beaches in the world, as well as year-round warm weather, breathtaking natural scenery and a large range of resorts to suit all budgets. But travel beyond the coastline and you’ll enter into a different part of the island, one that seems a […]

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Top five attractions in Niagara Falls for an adrenalin rush

July 21, 2017

You might think that a trip to Niagara Falls involves nothing but a photograph in front of a waterfall, but you’d be wrong! If you’re in search of an adventure that will make your hair stand on end, Niagara Falls has an activity to suit everyone. The problem is, once you’ve checked in to your […]

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